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  • don’t like me
  • liked me at one point, but don’t like me anymore
  • hate what i post
  • hate what i have to say about xyz topic
  • find me annoying
  • don’t have anything in common with me anymore, and are bored by the things i post
  • feel obligated by whatever personal reason you may have to keep following me, even if literally any of those above things apply

this applies to mutuals as well. your dash should be your happy place, so no hard feelings and i wish you the best in life

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Could you explain the whole "i don’t really have depression, i’m actually just a lazy piece of shit" = you've got depression, thing? It rang a bell for me and I'd like to know what you meant. Thanks :)
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one of the most insidious things about depression is it doesn’t ‘feel’ like depression. even when you have it, you know you have it, you’ve been diagnosed—you still find yourself thinking, no, nope, this isn’t it, can’t be. it’s like the mental illness equivalent of that knight in monty python that keeps going ‘it’s a flesh wound! i’m fine, really! this is just a scratch, i’ll be up in a moment!’ even after all his limbs have been hacked off and he’s lying there helpless.

one of the most common narratives around it is that no one realizes they have depression until they start checking off what they consider to be normal aspects of their lives—and personal character flaws— against the checklist for depression symptoms. really key symptoms include:

  1. lack of motivation
  2. constant tiredness, even exhaustion
  3. finding no pleasure or satisfaction in activities they used to like, or that they know should feel good
  4. not seeing the point of doing anything
  5. increased and even unmanageable anxiety and fearfulness

any one of these symptoms drains away your ability to do work, cope with setbacks, overcome difficulties, or stop procrastinating. multiple symptoms create a pretty perfect storm of intertia and anxious self-loathing. you stop doing anything because it’s hard to get going, unpleasant while you’re at it, and afterwards there’s no reward. why bother, right? and when you’re always tired you get conservative of what little energy you can manage, and when you only feel emotions on the ‘empty to miserable’ spectrum you get really aversive to making mistakes. the whole mess very quickly and very insidiously loads every single thing in your life with toxic emotional baggage.   

and then someone says to you— or you say to yourself, ‘stop being lazy’. and that haunts you forever. you don’t have depression! of course not. mental illness is for people who deserve to be let off the hook for their crimes. you have a character flaw, and it’s getting worse by the minute. 

and that is how people who have been diagnosed, who have been medicated, who have been through therapy, can still spend all day hiding in bed and chewing themselves up over their failure to just somehow magically be a good, healthy, useful person, instead of treating themselves to a sick day and saying ‘yup! it’s depression. i need to be kind to myself.’


selfie queens

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if ur disability activism doesn’t include addicts and people who don’t take their meds and people who will never be able to be Productive Members of Society????

it’s useless tbh

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consider the following aus

  • "we wore matching halloween costumes to this party" au
  • "we’re the only ones who didn’t get the email about class being canceled" au
  • "tried to get the candy bar that didn’t drop out of the vending machine and now my hand is stuck can u help me out" au
  • "we’re the only ones on campus who didn’t go home for christmas" au
  • "we both got in separate bar fights downtown and now we’re waiting in the ER comparing stories" au
  • "accidentally fell in your lap while standing on this crowded bus" au
  • "can u help me sneak my cat into my dorm" au
  • "accidentally got assigned the same library study room so I guess we’ll have to share for the semester" au
  • "It’s raining and u forgot your umbrella so come over and stand under mine while we wait for the bus" au
  • "I rented the apartment above your flower shop and in the last two months you’ve gotten a new flower I’m allergic to so I keep buying bouquets until I can figure out which kind it is" au

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important things to consider about a character

  • would they be the type to to pull an “oh no i’m falling gravity is increasing on me” while beginning to fall on another character or would they be the one groaning and rolling their eyes and trying to shove another character doing that to them off
  • would they be a morning or night person
  • would they be the one stealing the blankets or having blankets stolen from them
  • would they love to cook or hate cooking
  • would they be the one running outside barefoot in a downpour yelling “it’s raining” and without an umbrella and getting soaked or would they be the one staring at the one doing that like “are you kidding me” before shaking their head, sighing, and joining them
  • would they be the one to do most of the driving on a road trip or the one in the passenger seat pressing their face into the window and asking helpful questions that are more teasing comments than actual questions like “are you sure we’re going the right way”

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  1. if you don’t have a lipstick in that colour, use eyeshadow on top of vaseline
  2. dip your hands into cold water if you aren’t sure if your nails are fully dry yet (idk what the science about it is but she swears by it)
  3. no one is gonna yell at you for wearing too much blush
  4. the only person who cares how straight the wings of your eyeliner are is you; the fact you’ve even got that close to your eyeballs with a pen/brush is fucking amazing so just go with it
  5. put whatever colour you like wherever you want
  6. there’s no such thing as perfect brows, sometimes your forehead isn’t going to let you win

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