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okay so bear with me

b/c i’ve got words in my brain and they want to get out so uh here goes

content warning for discussion of abortion

i don’t think the people who call themselves “pro-life” really understand the meaning of that term because

get this

if you were really determined to protect & preserve all human life based on the notion that people have worth based on their identities + relationships + capacity to contribute to society etc

then why aren’t you lobbying for laws requiring all [insert population here - American citizens/residents/human beings/etc etc etc] to be organ donors by default

because if a law like that were passed, let me tell you with absolute certainty that hospitals across the nation/world/etc would empty overnight.

the number of living human beings waiting for organ and limb and tissue transplants, blood transfusions, skin grafts - the millions of people with undeniable worth, unassailable rights, with families and jobs and responsibilities and real, visible lives, who are suffering and dying in droves - is unspeakably staggering.

but no. harvesting organs from dead people without their express, voluntary permission is fucking disrespectful

let me tell you something about dead people


now let me tell you something about every human being with the capacity to get pregnant and give birth



and in order to maintain their lives and freedoms, they pretty much need to hold on to all that - unless they knowingly and willingly decide to donate them to someone who needs them. 

so if you think it’s okay to require people with uteruses + etc to loan out not only space in their bodies but also a significant portion of their physical and mental resources for nine months at minimum (and then probably expect them to donate the rest of their lives) to this hypothetical rando

but you’re not willing to pick up these millions of perfectly good body parts that are serving no sentient or living thing that could easily save millions of actual, tangible, human lives

because you think it’s FUCKING DISRESPECTFUL 

then i don’t think you’re really concerned about “respecting the sanctity of human life”

i think you’re just determined to enforce your fucked up beliefs about what constitutes a person and what constitutes an object.

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