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because queer black women make even snow look cute.


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It’s miserable and raining outside and if someone can make me a picture of bubbline making out that would be mighty fine



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A day of high school students in Korea.


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In this Oct. 13, 2013 photo, fans and Boston Police officer Steve Horgan celebrate as Detroit Tigers’ Torii Hunter falls over the right field fence into the bullpen trying to catch a grand slam hit by Boston Red Sox’ David Ortiz during Game 2 of the American League baseball championship series, in Boston. With one swing, Ortiz tied the game and helped the Red Sox send the AL championship series to Detroit tied one game apiece. (AP Photo/The Boston Globe, Stan Grosfeld) 


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Ahaha, This is pretty personal I guess, but I don’t mind putting it up here…sorry if some of it is hard to read… i have terrible writing ugh v/w/v;;;

I probably stated this a few times on my personal blog, but our genitals really determine so much for us that it’s easy to see why it’s so difficult for non binary people to make it far.

What’s funny though, is my mom saw me drawing the second image, and she said the last one’s not me. What’s great about that is how ironic it was for her to say that. It’s basically what I’m talking about, how people assume you’re this or that because you have these sorts of chromosomes and all that shit. Great, I wasn’t blessed with a dick, but that’s not what makes me me. I just… hm…

I’m not sure what to say honestly, I had so many words and they’re kinda gone now. But this was something I did today,and it can be something for those out there that don’t fit in the binary, for the trans people who didn’t always know. Sometimes I wish I did, but there’s no amount of memory or evidence to say that I didn’t know. It was there, just covered up in dresses and dolls. You don’t need all kinds of proof to say you really are trans.

Nice to meet you guys.

Hope this helps those that really need the boost. No one can tell you who you are. And if people try to tell you, well.. they can kindly fuck off. They aren’t living your life. Be who you wanna be okay?

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“Wow you’re right, he is big!”


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