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"It ended up becoming a tradition we kept for years after that."

/THIS TOOK WAY TOO LONG but I love the Striders and Lalondes.

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Portland based photographer Mako Miyamoto’s The Emerald Forest brilliantly captures a mysterious, lush forest landscape.

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Ed, Roy, Ling, and Alphonse having a hair braiding competition to see who can braid hair best. Ed does a perfect braid for Winry. Roy doesn’t know what to do so he sticks his hands in Riza’s hair. Ling does pigtail braids on Lan Fan, and Alphonse does Mei’s signature hairstyle.


i think we all know who won here

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i think everyone needs to stop and take a moment to imagine the absolute wonder that would be sam wilson’s vine account

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Blind Dog Plays Fetch

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I’ve always imagined Josie as a cool old lady living out her retirement in the glory of her 1950s greaser days. The old car lot Josie lives by actually belongs to her, and she uses it to store all these vintage motorcycles and cars. (Although she is very thankful for the social changes that’ve occurred since then) Josie still misses the aesthetic of her youth—as a result, the Angels appear before her in 50s (ish) guises!!

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